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Kyle Goderwis is an abstract artist living in Seattle, WA. He works in various mediums, such as acrylics, collage, and epoxy resin. 

Kyle graduated with a BFA from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2004. His focus in school was computer animation, but not long after graduating, he realized his passion was instead in fine art. Working at an art supply store helped fuel his desire to paint, and he established relationships with local artists in the process. During his time in Atlanta, Kyle participated in shows at various fine art galleries, as well as other shows throughout the southeast. In 2010 he joined a group of working professional artists to further his education in the fine art world. Kyle moved to Seattle in 2014 where he continues to make abstract works. 

"I've always been excited for bright colors and the combination of different materials. A piece torn from a sketchbook for a collage piece. Resin mixed with acrylic paint, or adding that final pencil mark to make a painting complete. I think it comes from working at an art supply store after college. I was introduced to so many paints and materials, and I was able to try them all. This really helped me learn materials and colors, because I never had any formal teaching on how to paint. I just used the colors and materials I liked, and went for it. I love using pinks, yellows, and color combinations that may not seem like they should work together. I like to make my work bold, yet
lighthearted, and I want people to enjoy the final piece as much as I enjoy the process."

interview with create! magazine 2022:


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