kyle goderwis is an abstract artist currently based in seattle. he works in various mediums, but mainly creates his pieces using acrylic paint and epoxy resin. 

kyle graduated with a bfa from the art institute of atlanta in 2004. during his time in atlanta, he worked as a studio artist at a fine art publishing company, and participated in shows at various galleries throughout the city. he also participated in group shows in nashville and jacksonville, as well as a solo show in charleston. 

kyle moved to seattle in 2014 and began to develop what is now his signature style. he takes the basic material of osb particle board and transforms it with the use of color and shape. 

"the tiny individual segments of wood that make up the particle board intrigue me. it's like a paint by number. the challenge then becomes how to make each piece unique and different while still working with that same material. bold colors and shapes combine to make the composition, then each piece is finished with high gloss epoxy resin. the combination of the particle board with the resin makes for an exciting contrast of materials." 

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